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Category of Account (Tick as appropriate)
For Joint Account Only
branch: account number: bvn:
1. personal information:
surname: first name: other names:
mothers maiden name: date of birth: nationality:
gender: MARITAL STATUS: title:
state of origin: local govt. of origin: home town:
tax id no.(tin): religion:
2. contact address
residence address: house no.: street name:
nearest bus stop/Landmark: city/Town: L.G.A:
State: occupation: business. address:
e-mail: Tel. House: Tel. Office:
Employee's name & addr:
next of kin
surname: other name: relationship:
contact addr: tel. house: mobile:
3. valid means of identification
select means of identification: Others Specify:
*People in peculiar circumstances, Artisans, Petty Traders,Students, who may not have the prescribed IDs.
4. account services required
Debit Card (ATM Card): Transaction Alert (Email): Transaction Alert (SMS):
Statement Delivery (Preference): Email: Collection at the bank: Please indicate preferred phone number or e-mail:
initial deposit: account officer:
customers declaration
You Agreement with us:
By signing below I, the individual(Group) named in this application form is (are), (i) applying to FAST Microfinance Bank for the opening of a savings account. (ii) confirming that the details supplied are true and complete. (iii) Agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions governing the opening of the account as set out by thereinafter,
terms and conditions
  • 1. To guard access to the withdrawal slip by authorised person(s).
  • 2. That interest should be paid on my savings account at the prevailing interest rate.
  • 3. That interest will be paid on the 30th of the month or the last working day preceeding 30th where it is not a working day.
  • 4. That interest will not be paid on my savings where more than theree(3) withdrawals have been made in the month as per CBN directive.
  • 5. That the sum of N1,000.00 shall be maintained as minimum balance on my account.
  • 6. That the statement of account will be sent to me quarterly and descrepancies observed with entries on my statement of account shall be notified to FAST Microfinance Bank and shall ensure that the entries made are correct.
  • Date:


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